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Ska at The Hootananny, Brixton

Posted on: March 23, 2010

The Hootananny is a bar/club in Brixton is known for having the best atmosphere for live music and also named by Timeout as one of the best nights south of the river. Every Friday hoards of people descend on the venue for the Ska night “Skootananny” for the mega Live Ska party night to see awesome live ska bands and to have a dance.

The night is normally free and runs from 9pm till 3am

This Friday 26 March, The Hootananny will be rocked by two great Ska bands, The Evidents and headliners Intensified this will be an awesome night with lots of dancing and energy. The Evidents are a new 7 piece Ska band from London who play 2 tone, trad and thridwave with rock and a hint of reggae. Intensified have an irresistible dance beat, with original ska and reggae, superbly crafted tunes, corporate music for the white boy ska/reggae generation. This gig is a must see for ska fans!

The Hootananny also serves delicious Thai food at very good prices and has one of the biggest beer gardens in London

The Hootananny is Located at 96 Effra Road, Brixton SW2 1DF. The closest tube station is Brixton and it is a short walk from there

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5 Responses to "Ska at The Hootananny, Brixton"

The Hootananny is my favourite bar, it has such a great atmosphere, especially on a Friday night. Hopefully the place will be jumping this Friday, Intensified are amazing and The Evidents sound pretty sweet. I’m gona be all over that dance floor 🙂

I went to this gig and The Evidents were amazing.

Are there any more great ska gigs at the Hootenanny coming up soon?

Certainly is “hungry for more” I’ll be posting about it at some point in the near future. date for your diary…24th Sept at the Hootananny, I hear it’s going to be awesome gig

Tell us more about this upcoming gig!! Also, it’s actually at 95 Effra Road, not 96. It is a great atmosphere though.

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