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There are so many markets in the London area to take advantage of all selling a massive array of goods. Clothes markets offer hip and chic fashion for peanuts whereas the food markets sell expensive fine luxury foods that you wish you could eat every day, they are an experience to walk around as the atmosphere and smells excite the senses and you get sample all the free tasters which can add up to a free meal.

North London

Archway Market
Organic and speciality food section as well antiques, curiosities and beautiful things for your home and kitchen and the best book stall in North London.
Opening times: Saturdays; 10am to 5pm, Thursdays; 12pm to 6pm

Camden Market and Stables market
Ethnic arts, crafts, jewellery and second hand clothing, Camden market is one of the funkiest markets around and draws a mixed crowd. The Stables market sells bric-a-brac and cheerful clothing.
Opening times: Monday to Sunday 10am to 6pm

Camden Passage
The “Passage” is a vibrant antiques selling hotspot and is a covered passage stretching from Angel to Islington Green.
Opening times: Wednesday; 7am to 2pm, Thursday; 7am to 4pm, Saturday; 8am to 4pm

Chapel Market
A colourful street market that sells everything as well as having some cool record shops and bars next to the market.
Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday 9am to 6pm

A hugely popular market with over 500 stalls selling everything sportswear to clubbing gear, shoes to lingerie.
Opening times: Sunday 9am to 3pm

Barnet Market
High Barnet is known for its market which has existed since the 12th Century. The market sells fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.
Opening times: Wednesday and Saturday from 7am

South London

Bermondsey Market
An antiques market that attracts many collectors and dealers, you need to get here early to get the best bargain.
Opening times: Friday 5am to 12pm

East Street Market
East Street market is a great place to shop for tapes, CDs and records as well as African food.
Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday; 9am to 5pm

Borough Market
Borough Market is London’s oldest food market and is also the country’s most important retail market for fine foods. This market is very popular so get here early to avoid the crowds.
Opening times:Thursdays; 11am to 5pm, Fridays; 12pm to 6pm, Saturdays; 9am – 4pm

East London

Petticoat Lane
Has over 100 stalls, sells mainly things from the Middle East including jewellery, fabric, leather jackets and rugs. It is a great place to haggle for a good cheap price.
Opening times: Monday to Sunday; 10am to 2pm

Spitalfields is historic market site that is always busy and offers not only stalls but music and art events as well. Spitalfields market is a must visit and is great fun thing to do in London
Opening Times: Monday to Sunday; 11am to 3pm

Billingsgate Fish Market
More than 65 merchants sell every type of fish you could possible imagine as well as trade essentials such as catering supplies and utensils.
Opening Times Tuesday to Saturday; 5am – 8.30am

Columbia Road Flower Market
A very lively east end market that sells flowers, candles and antiques.
Opening Times: Sunday; 8am to 2pm

Leadenhall Market
Leadenhall is a restored Victorian food market that sells luxury foods at a fraction of the shop price. A picturesque building that’s surrounded bars and gives a slice of old London life.
Opening Times: Monday to Friday; 7am to 4pm

Smithfield Market
This is London’s largest wholesale meat market which sells every type of meat, offal and game. There are special licensing laws in the area which allow you to drink with your breakfast.
Opening Times: Monday to Friday; 4am to 12pm

Leather Lane
One of the busiest lunchtime markets, Leather lane sells everything imaginable from mobile phone covers to fresh fruit and veg, but not mush leather!
Opening Times: Monday to Friday; 10am to 3pm

West London

Bayswater Road Market
An art market extravaganza which stretches alongside Kensington Gardens, traders and artists sell oil paintings, sketches and watercolours as well as handmade jewellery and sculptures.
Opening Times: Sunday; 10am to 6pm

Chelsea Antiques Market
This is a world famous antiques market that is very large and busy set in the heart of Chelsea. It’s especially good for jewellery, clocks and watches.
Opening Times: Monday to Saturday; 10am to 6pm

Portobello Market
Portobello Road market offers a great diversity of products and has small, unusual shops in he area. It’s a great place to browse for beautiful jewellery and antiques and there are loads of cheap and second-hand clothes and handmade designer garments as well as a food market.
Opening Times: Saturday; 8am to 5pm and some stalls are open all week

Shepherd’s Bush Market
A colourful local marketplace that is especially good for exotic fish, halal meats, and African-Caribbean vegetable. It’s also great for specialist music stalls. You can also get unusual ethnic fabrics and handmade African garments.
Opening Times: Monday to Saturday; 8.30am to 6pm

London Farmers Market
The farmers market sells fresh and seasonal food that farmers have grown or raised on farms within 100 miles of the M25. London farmers market is located near to Notting Hill Gate.
Opening Times: Saturday; 9am to 1pm

Church Street and Bell Street
Church Street is a great local market that’s full of fruit and veg, clothes and household goods. Bell Street sells more unusual food stuffs, including halal meats and Middle Eastern cooking ingredients.
Church Street Opening Times: Monday to Saturday; 8am to 5pm
Bell Street Opening Times: Friday and Saturday; 8am to 5pm


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